Where Is the Secular Directory?

At the beginning of April the Secular Directory suffered two back-to-back cyber-attacks that left the website in ruins. Although many elements were saved after the first attack, allowing the site to be put back online, the second attack unraveled that work in a more devastating manner. As a result, we find we are currently unable to restore the site as it had previously been. This means that if the Secular Directory is to continue it will now need to be rebuilt from the ground up, a time-consuming and expensive process.

Since 2013 the Secular Directory has been a resource for people to find secular groups in their local areas; links to a wide range of regional, national, and international organizations and coalitions that make up the vast and growing community of reason (including youth, military, charitable, congregational, educational, philosophical, political, and social); links to secular projects and services; links to forthcoming secular regional, national, and international events; and links to secular books, magazines, journals, online references, forums, and discussion boards.

In recent years the site has been averaging three to five new registrations daily. And the related Facebook page–which still operates–has over 33,000 followers. Many have considered the Secular Directory to be of significant value for the secular community. So we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced by this sudden and perhaps permanent loss of a most useful resource.