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This site will tell you “where to go” if you are seeking to meet other secular people of like mind and interests or want to find groups & organizations that can give you a larger voice in our culture. It also provides links to news & events, projects & services, and resources & reference.

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We welcome you to explore this directory to familiarize yourself with the rich selection you may have never realized you had. And we encourage you to return again and again, not only for the latest updates to our content, but to see what new features we have added. This is an established and growing resource that aims to become the go-to information site for those seeking involvement in the community of reason.

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There are many types of local, national, and international groups and organizations for people who don’t believe in a god or gods. There are also state and local coalitions of groups and groups focused on campus and youth. We expect that you will be able to find one or more that are just the right fit for you. If not, you might want to start your own group. Together they make up a vast and expanding network. And this website is your onramp.


Here is where you can find many different kinds of events. There are conferences and conventions held annually by international and national organizations, and by state and regional groups. There are also events held for youth, and there are secular celebrations that might be observed in many different ways, either by local groups or by families and individuals. And here is where you can find a selection of news sources to keep up with things in the secular community.


Beyond groups, new friends, and exciting endeavors, people seek information and knowledge about the community of reason and the ideas it fosters. So this is where you can turn to begin your journey of learning. In this section you will find reference and resource information such as recommended books, magazines and journals, and audio and video. We have a page of links to online reference pages and sites, a page of links to forums and discussion boards, and a page to find a little humor and more. Finally, we have a page of links to places selling secular merchandise. We will be adding more reference and resource information as time goes on, so keep checking back.