Start Your Own Group

Finding like-minded people where you live is easier than you think. This is because a number of national organizations in the community of reason exist to help you. They want to build new chapters in local communities to serve their members who already live there. So here are the links you need in order to begin reaching out, finding people, getting them organized, and getting your group affiliated with a parent organization that can help you grow.

American Atheists

Learn how to affiliate your group, once formed, with this organization.

American Ethical Union

Chat with Ethical Culturists nationwide and find those in your area.

American Humanist Association

Learn how to start a group from scratch and attract humanists to it.

Atheist Nexus

Find or create a discussion forum for your state and recruit people for your group.

The Brights Net

Learn how to find other brights in your area to recruit for your group.

Center for Inquiry

Learn how to get your group, once formed, into the CFI Network.

CFI On Campus

Learn how to start and expand a group on your college campus.

James Randi Educational Foundation

Learn how to form a skeptic group and affiliate it nationally.

Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers

Learn how to start a group on your military base.

Secular Student Alliance

Learn how to start and expand a group on your college or high school campus.

Society for Humanistic Judaism

See who to contact about forming a Humanistic Jewish society.

United Coalition of Reason

Learn how to start a local coalition of reason.

UU Hmanists

Learn why and how to form a Unitarian Universalist humanist group.